The Hungarian Police Sport Association

The Hungarian Police Sport Association


The Hungarian Police Sport Association (HPSA) was established in 1994. It has 28 member associations and its main role is to coordinate the sport and recreational activities of the staff and the family members of the institutions of the Ministry of Interior (National Police Headquarters, Prison Service, Special Service for National Security, National Directorate General for Disaster Management etc.). In the member associations there are 117 sections. In the sections 6000 people doing sport in 50 different sport disciplines and more than 30000 people takes part in the sport and recreational programmes.

The HPSA plans, organizes and finances the championships of the Ministry of Interior. According to the decision of the Minister of the Interior, the Hungarian Police Training Centre is responsible for the technical control of these championships.

The HPSA is also in charge of the selection of police athletes participating in international police championships. It is responsible of providing the financial and technical conditions of the participation.

The purpose of taking part in international events is to provide the possibility for the best Hungarian police athletes to prove their skills at international level. On the other hand they have the possibility to get to know foreign colleagues, their work, and culture.

To realize these goals HPSA became the member of the USPE in 1996 and joined to the USIP in 1992 (until 1994 the Budapest Police Sport Association was the member of USIP).

Since then Hungary hosted several successful USPE and USIP events.


USPE events

  • 1997. EPC Men’s Basketball preliminary
  • 1999. EPC Men’s Handball preliminary
  • 2001. EPC Men’s Volleyball preliminary
  • 2003. EPC Judo
  • 2006. 32nd Congress
  • 2008. EPC Men’s Handball
  • 2011. EPC Tennis
  • 2012. EPC Men’s Volleyball preliminary
  • 2013. Sport  Conference
  • 2014. 36th Congress
  • 2017. EPC Tennis
  • 2019. EPC Judo

USIP Events

  • 1993. WPC Pentathlon
  • 2001. WPC Marathon and Congress
  • 2004. WPC Sniper
  • 2008. WPC Marathon
  • 2015. Service Pistol Shooting


Since 2002 the HPSA has been organizing the Police and Military Sniper World Cup with great success. Each year 120-150 shooters from 20-25 countries take part in this prestigious competition. In 2015 already the 14th addition of the World Cup will take place.